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    Materiality for the Ricoh Group

    Ricoh Group aims to create new markets and value propositions by looking broadly at social issues, and taking on the challenge to resolve them while simultaneously achieving social development and Ricoh's own business growth. Based on Materiality reflecting Ricoh's Mission Statement, the Mid-Term Management Plan(MTP), and the expectations of our stakeholders, we will address to solve social issues through business.

    Process of Materiality Analysis

    In 2014, Ricoh Group set materiality for the first time based on the trends of the international community, expectations from stakeholders, and importance for management. With the launch of its 19th MTP in April 2017, Ricoh has newly established five material issues which it needs to focus on through business, based on the Sustainable Development Goals that were agreed by the international community, Ricoh's Mission Statement, the MTP, and expectations from stakeholders.

    image: Process of Materiality Analysis

    To the Ricoh Group, a sustainable society is one that pursues a Three Ps Balance - the balance of Prosperity, People and Planet - and its aims for it an ideal society. The following figure shows how the five material issues and the Three Ps Balance align with the SDGs. We will set target and KPI for each issue with business division and reinforce the initiatives through business.

    Five material issues and SDGs

    image: Five material issues and SDGs